February 28, 2017

Spa and Hot Tub Accessories

by CCHTadmin in Blog

hot tub accessories

Spice up Your Spa with Hot Tub Accessories

There are obviously a ton of benefits to owning your own hot tub. One, of course, being the soothing, warm, and relaxing water nurturing and relieving tense muscles.  Not to mention, a hot tub also inhibits real health benefits. Aside from the relaxation, they also provide hydrotherapy! It is said that regularly utilizing a spa improves health, decreases muscle tension, and promotes restful, interrupted sleep. Hot tubs, even by themselves, are extremely fun to use. But that doesn’t mean the fun has to stop there. There is a plethora of merchandise out there that works towards making the hot tub experience even better! Hot tub accessories are available in efforts of not just making owning a spa easier, but more delightful overall.

Hot tub accessories that pair great with every evening in – spa fragrances! Using a spa fragrance with your hot tub is way to completely immerse yourself into the soothing experience while taking in natural and relaxing scents. Not only will the calming aura of nature-scents like lavender or eucalyptus appease you, but the aromatherapy provided will only further enhance the experience. Spa fragrances are often proven safe for all spas; meaning they don’t interfere with the water’s chemical balance. This spa accessory doesn’t just put you at ease, but also leaves your skin feeling soft and moisturized.

Additional hot tub accessories worth mentioning are waterproof speakers! Water-friendly technology that lets you listen to your own music anytime is the finishing touch to a steamy, unwinding and comfortable night in. Certain waterproof speakers come with fun extras such as some that float in the water; letting you obtain maximize control over what song plays next! Other add-ons include fun light shows emitting off the speaker into the water and everyone else. This adds an entertaining and lively aspect to the mellowness of the tub.

Although beautiful aroma and loud music can make any night worth repeating, there is still a missing feature. Any friendly gathering, whether it is in the water or out, will need delicious food. A tub accessory that can turn any spa into more a social environment is a floating refreshment bar! You can say goodbye to hunger – keep your guests or loved one satisfied and refreshed without ever having to leave the water. Some of these water friendly food platters float around the water freely; and some can attach to one side making sure no food falls into the water and ensures that you have designated refreshment area within your hot tub or spa. If you need some hot tub or spa accessories to update or just try out something new, stop by our showroom!

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