January 10, 2017

Proper Hot Tub Care

by CCHTadmin in Blog

hot tub care

Hot Tub Care and Maintenance

A hot tub or spa in your backyard is a nice, lavish, luxury, but that doesn’t mean it won’t require proper maintenance and care in order to up keep the quality of the appliance. The work is minimal if you would agree that there is nothing better than soaking in clean, warm, sparkling water on a chilly evening. Adequate spa care will involve regular cleaning of the cover, the filter, monitoring the chemical levels, and adding the correct kind when needed. If proper hot tub care isn’t being taken seriously, you run the risk of letting bacteria grow inside the tub, in turn creating a not so inviting spa night. Here are some tips on making sure your spa stays shining and sanitary.

Using test strips to analyze the chemicals and mineral levels in your hot tub is a perfect way to update yourself on the cleanliness of the spa. Test strips are sold at almost any department store or better yet, most likely the place you purchased the spa. This way you’ll be able to talk with a professional and get the best advice for your specific brand and model of your spa. Test trips work by being able to read and dissect the potent-ness of the chemicals. Spa strips will be able to identify the alkalinity, calcium hardness, chlorine, pH level, bromine, and the total hardness.

Once you can determine what your spa is lacking or what needs to be lessened, it’s then time to take action. It’s very important to add one chemical at a time. After you measure out your chemicals, let the water run as you add them. Between adding, it’s recommended for proper hot tub care that you wait a couple hours before adding the next. This way you avoid the risk of an unintentional science experiment. If they are added to close together, you may accidentally start an unwanted chemical reaction between two of your additives. This also will let the chemicals naturally disperse and do its job slowly without interruption.

Always use a filter and up keep the cleanliness of a filter. With so many chemicals, calcification can occur which could clog the filter. This means your spa will do less of a job when keeping itself clean. Additionally, it’s also good to be changing the filter every couple years or so. This helps elongate the life of your spa. The owner’s manual to any spa will also suggest that for proper hot tub care, you are draining and refilling the water in your spa. It’s crucial to avoid soap and chemical residue that can grow over time.

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