April 12, 2017

Impressive Luxury Spas

by CCHTadmin in Blog

luxury spas

Indulge in the Relaxation of Luxury Spas

There is no doubt that taking a dip into hot, steamy water with forceful jets rolling up and down your spine easing every part of your body can turn a bad day into a good one. Backyard hot tubs have become the staple for ultimate relaxation. But nowadays, hot tubs have turned into much more than just a simple dip for instant ease. Luxury spas are taking the market by storm as new features are becoming more than just a fresh trend. When it comes to the bundle of benefits that accompany the lavish accessory, there’s no reason why one would not indulge in a night of alleviation and pleasure.

Hot tubs keep setting the bar higher and higher. A luxury spa that goes by the name of “The Zeus Deluxe” has all the amazing and dynamic features to let any couple truly “let go.” This hot tub offers space and comfort while still performing to the best of its ability with 17 hydrotherapy jets that also come with pressure adjustments. The inter-lining of the tub is specifically molded to let a relaxed body lay comfortably. The grooves and ridges inside will match perfectly with a loose, relaxed, and tranquilized body. The beautiful blue mosaic shell of the tub will accent the running water and make it look all the more enticing.

Another worth mention is called “A909 Whirlpool.” The fascinating thing about this spa is that it is actually a fancy and high-end one person bathtub. Its sheen, white exterior also resembles the shape of an egg with a wide opening for entry. This lavish home accessory showcases amazing features such as bottom and backside adjustable hydrotherapy massage jets, speaker system that can be used with FM radio and external CDs for listening to calm and serene music while you soak, TV for optimal entertainment, shower head located above the user for a quick rinse, a glass shelf to keep certain belongings dry, hands-free telephone calling and answering, and lastly, for the cherry on top, a waterfall. This spa is exploding with compelling features that are sure to put any buyer in complete and total peace.

The last honorable mention of luxury spas calls itself “GX49 Galaxy Series.” This hot tub is the ultimate spot for entertainment and relaxation combined into one. The six to seven person seating capacity allows for a whole group of friends to enjoy the thrilling characteristics. This would be easy to accomplish as the tub comes equipped with a full-fledged entertainment center showcasing a 42” LCD flat screen TV that can be either hidden in the side of the tub wall or, at the push of a button, elevated outwards facing all the occupants of the tub. The TV is supplied with 6” speakers to ensure anything that is playing will be heard over the bubbling water. This tub also comes equipped with a plentiful amount of hydrotherapy jets to please every single user. This model also comes equipped with multicolored spa lights and four streaming waterfalls with LED backlights which can enhance any night by showcasing a vibrant, colorful and vivid light show.

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