May 1, 2017

Hot Tub Safety Tips

by CCHTadmin in Blog

hot tub safety

Practice Hot Tub Safety with these Simple Tips

Although owning a hot tub or spa is a relaxing luxury, it still holds a lot of responsibility. Aside from purchasing an actual tub and getting it into your home, the work doesn’t stop there. Hot tub safety needs to be taken into consideration during the ownership. Plenty of things fall into the category of tips and tricks to keeping your hot tub just as attractive as it is in the photos. In fact, it could be a smart idea to keep a list of instructive tips right by your hot tub to ensure than any time spent soaking in the warm, burbling water will be without risk.

The first tip is to keep up with your hot tub maintenance. For optimum hot tub safety, clean and chemically balanced water is a must. If the tub water is cloudy or projects a strong mildew odor, this is a sign of un-sanitized water that is not safe to bask in. If a filtration system doesn’t seem to be running, or the consistency of the water is slimy then those are signs of a tub that no one should be entering. A hot tub that is not being properly maintained actually holds serious health risks. Users will run the risk of getting a rash, an infection, and illnesses from parasites.

The second tip is pertaining to children and their hot tub safety. First, it is never a smart idea to leave small children unattended in a hot tub. Whether they are alone or accompanied by other children, there is still a major risk being played out if children are left alone in the environment of a hot tub. Just because spas are smaller and shorter than the pool, doesn’t mean it warrants any less of a drowning hazard. Not only is adult guidance crucial, but also setting the temperature just right can make their experience in the tub more leisure. Since children are more sensitive to heat than adults, it is recommended that if children are present in the hot tub, the temperature should never be more than 95°F.

When considering certain water precautions, it is important to note that the use of hot tubs should never be mixed with drugs or alcohol. Many medications, although part of some people’s daily routines, can inhibit drowsiness. Avoiding activities such as these can prevent accidental drowning and make the tub a much safer place to soak in.

Following these simple tips can help extend your hot tub’s pristine condition and make it safe and enjoyable for the whole family. Come visit Cap City Hot Tubs today for all your hot tub needs!


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