June 7, 2017

How Hot Tubs Can Relieve Joint Pain

by CCHTadmin in Blog

joint pain

Sooth Achy Joint Pain with Hot Tubs

Hot tubs withhold many health benefits that could greatly reduce pain from common conditions. People who frequently experience body aches and pain can find simple, relaxing solitude by utilizing hot tubs not just for easement of a long, stressful day but easement of reoccurring pain.  A hot tub consists of multiple beneficial factors leading to improvement and progress in areas such as distressing joint pain. Pain in joints is characterized by the inflammation or infection of the joint. Sufferers can face harsh symptoms such as swelling, tenderness, limping, and loss of range of motion, weakness, and more.

Water buoyancy is a helpful factor in the relieving of painful joints. Although it seems rather arbitrary, the buoyancy in a Jacuzzi makes a body up to 90% lighter. This effect will reduce the pressure that gravity puts on joints. Joints agitate due to the strain that is put on surrounding muscles. In water with buoyant forces, these supporting muscles are finally allowed to relax, reducing the tension and pain.

Humans are able to reach such relaxing ambiance in hot tubs because of the heated temperatures of the water. Our bodies naturally love hot water for its mentally calming effects, but also its physical healing properties. The warm water will increase blood circulation and with better circulation, muscles spasms, a common response of joint pain, can also subside. Since hot water acts in a way to trigger more blood flow throughout the body, cramped muscles and frozen joints would be immersed in a Jacuzzi. The warm water support throughout the entire body will decrease side effects of joint pain like swelling, inflammation, etc. Not only does the warm water alone benefit troublesome issues, but the therapy jets in a hydrotherapy hot tub will directly benefit joints, tendons, and muscles. Some therapy jets can be just as effective as an actual spa therapist according to Arthritis Foundation studies. Regularly targeting painful problem areas will lead to an improvement in the limiting secondary effects of joint pain like lack of hand grip and range of motion.

People suffering from painful joints often get stuck in their conditions due to restricting mobility. If a sensible and recommended way to reduce painful joints is exercise, yet painful joints warrant the inability of movement then sufferers can feel helpless and stranded in their own body.  Hot tubs can give sufferers a better way to sooth achy joints after strenuous exercise or activity with the help of hydrotherapy hot tubs.


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